California System of Support

What is the goal of California’s System of Support?

The overarching goal of California’s System of Support is to help LEAs and their schools meet the needs of each student they serve. It is focused on building local capacity to sustain improvement efforts and to address disparities in both opportunities and outcomes.

California’s System of Support provides three levels of support to LEAs and schools. The first level, general assistance, is made up of resources and supports that are available to all LEAs and schools. The second level of assistance, known as Differentiated Assistance, is targeted support that is available to LEAs that meet the eligibility requirements. The third level of support, Intensive Intervention, may be provided to LEAs that are identified as having persistent performance issues and a lack of improvement over four consecutive years.

System of Support

California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) California Department of Education (CDE) State Board of Education (SBE)

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