Meet Our Team

Dr. Lisa Gilbert
Deputy Superintendent
(661) 636-4631
John Mendiburu, Ed.D.
Associate Superintendent
(661) 636-4168
Kimberly Graham
Management Analyst
(661) 636-4671

Our County Partners

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Diane “Di” Leonardo
Senior Director, Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Annie Sharp, Ed.D.
Director of Differentiated Assistance

Corey Greenlaw, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Accountability Compliance and Grants

Christina Borges
Executive Director, Special Education

Joy Bratton
Director, Special Education

Brad Huebert
Director, Systems and Leadership

Ruben Valles
Chief Academic Officer

Danielle Mitchell
Director III, Curriculum & Instructional Services

Rachelle Touzard
Director I, Student Support Services

Dina Wilson
Director III, Accountability, Support and Monitoring

Carol Higa
Director II, Specialized Services

Jessica Conkle
Director I, Curriculum & Instructional Services

Sonya Smith, Ed.D.
Director III, Student Support Services

Astrid Gonzalez
Director I, Accountability, Support & Monitoring

Alicia Garoupa
Chief of Wellness & Support Services

Rocio Ortiz
Director II, Special Projects

Joe Koski
Executive Director, Educational Support Services

Melanie Crawford
Director, Continuous Improvement & Support, Educational Support Services

Stacy Summers
Director, Program Monitoring, Categorical Support, and Data Analysis, Educational Support Services

Amber Gallagher
Executive Director, SELPA

Ellen Barger
Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction

Lauren Aranguren
Director, Equitable Learning Systems

Steven Torres
Director, School and District Support

Ray Avila, Ed.D.
SELPA Executive Director

Rachel Fauver
Director, School and District Support

Sibel Goksu
Data Analyst

Anne Roundy-Harter, Ed.D.
Director, Leadership Support Services

Lisa Salas Brown
Associate Superintendent, Educational Services

Emily Mostovoy-Luna
Assistant Superintendent, SELPA

James Koenig
Director, Local District Support Services

Dr. Phoebe Moore
Director, Local District Support Services

Brett Taylor
Director, Local District Support Services

Dr. Leticia Ramos
Director, Instructional Support Services

Regina Reed
SELPA Director, Personnel Development

Regan Bynder
Coordinator, Early Childhood Programs